The Most Underrated, Yet, Powerful Solution to Climate Change

The Elephant in the Room

Rarely does the global society have a chance to address problems affecting the households at the bottom of the pyramid. Governments are trying to address climate change using ambiguous solutions, yet the simple realities which could provide long-term solutions are, ignored to some extent.

While governments focus on other sectors like transport and boosting the economy, cooking practices are disregarded and, these impact the environment directly every day, ultimately contributing to climate change. The use of inefficient and polluting cookstoves has negative implications on the environment.

In many countries, deforestation has been, carried out to support charcoal burning and wood fuel for three-stone stoves. The reliance on wood fuel for cooking puts pressure on natural resources, and the emissions from these inefficient cookstoves contribute to outdoor air pollution.

The Middle Ground

Fortunately, there is a way to address this global challenge with the right mix of resources, advocacy, and change. Better and improved energy-efficient cookstoves technology and appropriate monitoring is the perfect ingredient for the success in addressing this issue.

By having a clear understanding of the impacts and benefits of these improved cookstoves, the government and the whole global society can channel their efforts and invest more in ensuring the rural households in the rural areas access these clean technologies.

The Bright Side

These interventions have improved efficiency, optimized heat transfer, increased ventilation, and reduced fuel consumption. Improved stove programs usually introduce stoves with reduced emissions-reducing health impacts and deforestation, which in turn reduces the climate impacts. These technologies should benefit women at the bottom of the pyramid and impact climate change in the short term.




A Versatile and Multi-Talented Project Management Specialist, with Vast experience in Environmental Writing and Consulting.

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Mercy Keraro

Mercy Keraro

A Versatile and Multi-Talented Project Management Specialist, with Vast experience in Environmental Writing and Consulting.

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